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Hi, I’m
Dr. Yasmene Mumby.

You’re in leadership and you’re trying to navigate rapidly changing environments. Overwhelm and burnout are more and more common.

You’re a leader and you’re a human being. You don’t have to wear that cape anymore. It’s ok to drop it, now.

I support purpose-driven organizations and the leaders like you who run them to move away from burning out and exhausting the people still on staff.

Leadership shouldn’t be difficult, it should be sustainable.

That's why I created The Easeful Leader Framework for high-performing leaders looking to reclaim their time, lead with ease, and thrive in any environment.

You are welcome to engage with my work on leadership through coaching, workshops, talks, and more!

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Ongoing coaching with Dr. Yasmene Mumby.


Opportunities for group work in a series of sessions.


Custom keynotes on leadership, culture, and wellbeing.


Guidance for purpose-driven organizations.



  • "I've always wanted to be the best me. I just didn’t know how to do that, where to start, or have the confidence to explore my interests (and not fear judgment or getting it wrong). And I kept forcing things that weren’t for me. I appreciate Yasmene's non judgmental candidness with me, her acceptance to let me be me (even when it is cringy embarrassing lol) and her pushing me when I needed it. I have a better sense of direction and clarity, and purpose in how my life on this earth is unfolding. And I genuinely understand how it feels to be at ease with what I am doing in my life. It comes easy to me and allows me to expand and grow because it doesn’t take long for me to grasp. I know that the only constant in this life is change and that it won’t always be this way, but at least I know I can get through it. And not to fear the change."

    Sarah Amanuel

    Former Coachee

  • "Working with Yasmene has been a gift to our team and our agency. She approached our work with openness, actively listening to each member of the team. She developed a deep understanding of the challenges we are facing, and has skillfully tailored the work to address our needs. Every session uncovered important insight and as a result, helped us get unstuck. Yasmene brings experience, wisdom and empathy. She has guided us forward in a way that brought the entire team along on the journey."

    Lisa Budlow

    Chief Executive Officer

    Comprehensive Housing Assistance, Inc

  • "When Yasmene and I met, I was in a career crisis. I loved my job (still do) and I was being pulled in so many directions by so many different organizations I felt like I was drowning. I was tired and overwhelmed. I was losing sight of my purpose and of my value as a person because I was constantly saying yes and trying to do everything asked of me. She saw this. She saw ME. In the first session I realized Yasmene was exactly what I needed. I could breathe a bit easier. I had hope. I was afraid also because her coaching challenged me to put myself first. And, that wasn’t a challenge I welcomed. I had never attempted prioritizing what I wanted or needed. It wasn’t comfortable and I took comfort in knowing I wasn’t climbing that hill alone. Yasmene was there every step of the way. She helped me take my power back and I am so grateful."

    Ellen Pinnock

    Chief Community Engagement Officer


  • "Dr. Mumby's session could not have been more perfectly timed, and the training was exactly what our leaders needed. The content was reminding, releasing, redefining, and refreshing all at once. Our leaders did the necessary, yet so often forgotten work of connecting with and nurturing themselves, in order to restore and expand their capacity to be present for those that they lead. In essence, this was an exercise in empathy, both for yourself and for those in your sphere of influence, and permission was granted for leaders to put their needs first. We are excited to continue our partnership with Dr. Mumby, as we deeply believe in her practice and its lasting impression on our beliefs about leadership."

    Jabari Peddie

    Senior Director of LENS


  • "Dr. Mumby’s collaboration was wholehearted and intentional every step of the way. Her skill set and genuine interest in supporting leaders of color were manifest in her thoughtful session design, prep, and facilitation. It made it possible to quickly engage leaders in a virtual session, where their takeaways were practices that will have an impact on their leadership journey for years to come."

    Ambar Calvillo-Rivera

    Director of Leadership Development

    City Fund

  • "Yasmene gave me fresh insights into my professional challenges and energized me to tackle them. Her insights are sharp, she’s an incredible empath, and she’s a warm and skilled communicator. She makes it so easy to get comfortable and do the work right from the first meeting."

    Johanna Miller

    Director, Education Policy Center

    New York Civil Liberties Union

  • "Yasmene brought an incredible amount of excitement to the project. She gave us the insights and parameters we needed to hit the target while still providing us freedom to push the creative. There were some obstacles, but she guided us safely around them, and balanced all parties’ interests. A great experience from beginning to end."

    Cody Benefiel

    Senior Producer

    Demo Duck

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