I’m often invited to give talks on leadership, culture, and wellbeing

and I can tailor these keynotes to your specific needs.

Because of my teaching background, I'm very comfortable creating custom experiences that fuse your areas of interest with the most current research.

You should know that I take an interactive approach that values audience members as engaged participants, not passive listeners.

People walk away feeling understood, appreciated, and inspired.

Some of the topics I’ve addressed in my talks include:

  • Creating a Life Well Rested 
  • Leading from Your Core Values
  • Sustainable Leadership
  • Living and Leading Mindfully 

We're Ready
I’ve spoken at several organizations, including
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Living Mindfully and Well at Wayfair



Creating a Life Well Rested with Pastor Kaji Douša

Listen to Yasmene's talk entitled "At Daybreak: Creating a Life Well Rested with Dr. Yasmene Mumby and Pastor Kaji Douša"!



Dr. Yasmene Mumby on The Glo Podcast: The Heart of Activism

Dr. Yasmene Mumby gets to the heart of the uncomfortable truths that live deep within each of us. Truths that are not only difficult to express and hear, but crucial to fulfilling our potential and living a life of authenticity, compassion, and connection.

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What unique keynote will speak vibrantly with you and your team?

I'm interested in designing it with you