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Our most sought-after workshops include:

  • Exploring Different Managerial Styles and How to Lead Genuinely
  • Lead Well and From Your Values: A Session to Guide You Back to Your Values Before the Moments of Pressure and Obstacles Arrive
  • Team Cohesion: How to Work Together with Ease

My team and I can also create custom workshops for:

  • Employee Resource Groups
  • Executive Leadership Development Cohorts
  • Equity, Belonging, Diversity, Inclusion Teaming
  • Senior Leadership
  • Staff Regroups + Retreats
  • Conferences
We've designed and facilitated workshops for:
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  • "Dr. Mumby's session helped me start from a messy sense of what my values might be and go to a refined set of values that I had time to reflect on. I came away with feeling confident in knowing what my values are and how they show up in my work. I was also able to hone in on where I have room to put myself first so my leadership is sustainable, and what prioritizing myself looks like in a practical way. I have a renewed sense of my purpose at work, as well as my responsibility to myself to ensure I can continue to do this important work."

    Lisa J.

    Joined Dr. Mumby’s workshop Lead Well and From Your Values

  • "Dr. Mumby's session could not have been more perfectly timed, and the training was exactly what our leaders needed. The content was reminding, releasing, redefining, and refreshing all at once. Our leaders did the necessary, yet so often forgotten work of connecting with and nurturing themselves, in order to restore and expand their capacity to be present for those that they lead. In essence, this was an exercise in empathy, both for yourself and for those in your sphere of influence, and permission was granted for leaders to put their needs first. We are excited to continue our partnership with Dr. Mumby, as we deeply believe in her practice and its lasting impression on our beliefs about leadership."

    Jabari Peddie

    BES Senior Director of LENS

  • "Dr. Mumby is such a calming presence in the middle of Zoom meeting overload. It is nice to be reminded to take a few minutes for myself during the workday and to hear it is okay to feel tired, grateful and everything in between. I appreciate the space for this conversation and look forward to taking one of Dr. Mumby's guided meditation sessions!"

    Carrie S.

    Joined Dr. Mumby's workshop on Combating Burnout

  • "Dr. Yasmene's work is immediately impactful. Her tone of voice is gentle and calming, yet powerful enough to speak to the core of who you are. She shares her helpful mindfulness language with authenticity and it resonates deeply. I would highly recommend her work to all."

    Morgan R.

    Joined Dr. Mumby's workshop on Mindfulness and Leadership

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