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Through The Easeful Leader Framework for high-performing leaders looking to reclaim their time, lead with ease, and thrive in any environment, we’ll go deep to uncover the assumptions you have about yourself—and which of them are holding you back.

Whether you believe there’s not enough money, success, or recognition to go around, or that your genuine self will be rejected, I’ll support you to become the effective leader you were meant to be.

Sound good?

Let’s talk about taking your leadership journey in a new direction—one that honors the full truth of who you are.

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Our custom workshops follow The Easeful Leader Framework for high-performing leaders looking to reclaim their time, lead with ease, and thrive in any environment. We care about nurturing the space for you and your team to collaborate at the peak of each of your genius zones.

When you book your custom-designed workshop series, you’ll get the guidance you need to foster clear communication with your team, boost productivity, and increase retention.

And you’ll be showing your team that you value them and are invested in their well-being and success—which means greater success for your organization as a whole.

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I’m often invited to give talks on leadership, culture, and wellbeing, and can tailor these keynotes to your specific needs.

Because of my teaching background, I’m very comfortable creating custom experiences that fuse your areas of interest with the most current research.

You should know that I take an interactive approach that values audience members as engaged participants, not passive listeners.

People walk away feeling understood, appreciated, and inspired.

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At The Ringgold, we are management and strategy consultants for purpose-driven organizations. Together we consult and collaborate to support leaders who are short on time and bandwidth.

Occasionally, when a situation requires more dedicated care, organizations ask us to step in, focus resources, and lead delicate, essential projects. We specialize in leading mission critical, high impact organizational ambitions when teams don’t have the capacity and/or expertise to do it themselves.

When you bring us on to join your team, you’ll get deliberate reflection, catalytic inquiry, and solid action plans with implementation support to help you resolve conflicts, overcome challenges, and achieve real results.

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Explore Our Work

We've worked closely with a number of organizations, helping them step back and take stock of what they’ve accomplished and where they want to go. Learn more about our work, process, and successful outcomes in the case studies.

Case Study

Early Years Leadership Diversity Initiative (EYLDI)

After wrapping up their extensive research on the lack of diversity in early years leadership and the barriers to joining the ascending leadership ladders, EYLDI needed a creative team to help them cohesively communicate, visually and linguistically, their research and message to the sector.

Case Study

International Rescue Committee (IRC)

The IRC needed a pressure tested, reliable leader to design and guide their internal global multimedia communications for a groundbreaking humanitarian aid sector changing project.

Case Study

Principal Impact Collaborative: Empowering School Leaders to Thrive

The Principal Impact Collaborative (PIC) needed a writer who specialized in equity-centered storytelling. They also did not have the internal capacity to plan and lead focus groups in preparation for developing their upcoming whitepaper about their organizational programming that supported K-12 school leaders to cultivate wellbeing amongst themselves and their staff.

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