Principal Impact Collaborative: Empowering School Leaders to Thrive


The Problem

The Principal Impact Collaborative (PIC) needed a writer who specialized in equity-centered storytelling. They also did not have the internal capacity to plan and lead focus groups in preparation for developing their upcoming whitepaper about their organizational programming that supported K-12 school leaders to cultivate wellbeing amongst themselves and their staff.

The Solution

PIC contacted The Ringgold to collaborate with their writing team to develop the narrative strategy and write. They also needed a parallel work stream for collecting qualitative research data on the programmatic effectiveness of PIC’s work with school leaders through a series of focus groups. We created the research objectives, developed the focus group questions, mapped out the corresponding work plan, guided the communications to school leaders, facilitated the focus groups, collected the raw data, analyzed the data results, and included the anonymized qualitative research into the whitepaper co-written with PIC titled: Empowering School Leaders to Thrive: Lessons Learned from School Leaders on What They Need to Cultivate Well-Being in Themselves & Others.