International Rescue Committee (IRC)


The Problem

The IRC needed a pressure tested, reliable leader to design and guide their internal global multimedia communications in 19 languages across their 17,000+ employee workforce in 41 countries and across 16 time zones for a groundbreaking humanitarian aid sector changing project.

The Solution

We jumped into action as soon as the call was put out to support the IRC. Our partners at Be Inspired brought Yasmene of The Ringgold in as Communications Lead and Senior Advisor to the IRC. Yasmene knew she needed a creative team who could deliver a custom animated explainer short video to accompany the written communications, in record turnaround time. She turned to Demo Duck. Together this team of partners collaborated to support the IRC. In 6 months time, the IRC launched and executed communications for a one-of-a-kind global project. One that will indeed influence the sector for years to come. Staff involvement exceeded expectations, resulting in an impressive 75% participation rate. Our team saw this effort through from beginning to end.

What the team said about our work together

  • I had the good fortune to have worked very closely with Yasmene Mumby across an intense six-month period designing and delivering a complex global communication plan and execution to 17,000 global employees in 19 languages and 16 time zones. Yasmene’s instant engagement, ability to ramp up quickly, learn and interpret our culture and drive us forward was one of the key success factors for us. Yasmene listens, teaches, and coaches. Her ability to be tactical and operational all while writing moving, thoughtful, and diversely sensitive messages for our global staff that captured the essence of IRC is remarkable. I cannot wait to have her back.

    Brian Johnson

    Chief Human Resources Officer

    International Rescue Committee

  • Yasmene brought an incredible amount of excitement to the project. She gave us the insights and parameters we needed to hit the target while still providing us freedom to push the creative. There were some obstacles, but she guided us safely around them, and balanced all parties’ interests. A great experience from beginning to end.

    Cody Benefiel

    Senior Producer

    Demo Duck


Collaborative Partners and Contributors

Creative Direction, Communications Lead, Equity, Diversity, Belonging, and Inclusion Advisory, Strategy, Writing, Editing, Team Coordination

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Advisory

Animated Explainer Video

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